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Practitioner Profile

My name is Prasad Robert Hutter. I am the Acupuncturist and Director of this Center.  Health and wellness have always been passions of mine. I’ve been employed in health care since 1980. I have a Master’s Degree in Public Health from Columbia University and am a Registered Nurse. I also have a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture from the Traditional Acupuncture Institute, one of the first fully accredited acupuncture schools in the United States. I am a fully Licensed Acupuncturist. In addition, I’m certified in Chinese Herbal Medicine and Zero Balancing. I have practiced and taught yoga and meditation since 1973 and am completely certified by the National Yoga Alliance at the highest level of practice and experience.

My main interest is to help people achieve optimum levels of health – physically, mentally, energetically and emotionally. All are related. I have educated myself, both formally and through practice, to understand these connections. I believe what is natural and possible is excellent health, a relaxed mind, calm emotions and happiness. My goal is to help people realize and experience this state of enhanced wellness.

I have always been interested in how people get to be the way they are, since I was a teenager. I have devoted myself to this pursuit. Thru various trainings, mostly involving Acupuncture, Zero Balancing and Meditation, I have become an expert diagnostician. Thus, I can prescribe what is most beneficial for you.