Awareness is the essence of mediation. From the very beginning levels of practice where one is attempting to stabilize, focus and have a peaceful mind; to more sublime and insightful practices, the essence of  all meditation is Awareness. It is who we are. When we do not recognize this, something is lacking.

There is a regular meditation group that meets here WEDNESDAYS AT 7:30PM.

Mediation can be looked at in two  related ways. First, in basic Tranquility Meditation, also known as Shinay, Shamata, or Calm Abiding Mediation; the practitioner is developing familiarity with what is happening in one’s mind. Second, the practitioner is learning to discipline the mind, to bring the mind into the present moment. For many of us the mind controls us in many ways that we are not even aware of. To the degree this undisciplined mind, the ego, is at a variant to our greater good and health, we suffer. When the variance is so great that our energies become misdirected, we suffer ill health, ‘accidents,’ and for many, chronic illnesses.

When we are able to ‘tame’ the mind, we experience inner peace, tranquility, a feeling of confidence and self control regardless of external conditions. The practice of meditation increases one’s wisdom and inner capacities.

We practice in the Tibetan tradition.  Our main Source of guidance from this tradition is Mingyur Rinpoche, a most accomplished Mediation Master who has spent over 10 years in retreat, over the course of his life.  Tergar International is his under his direction.  Tergar provides numerous resources to those wanting to practice meditation.

Under Mingyur Rinpoche’s guidance, Tergar International has developed a Meditation Practice Group program to support groups that meet regularly to learn, discuss, and practice meditation. Each session of this program includes two guided meditations, questions for discussion and other selected material from Mingyur Rinpoche. Practice groups operate independently of Tergar International, though Tergar provides support and guidance.

We believe in all genuine Spiritual Traditions.  Our practices support a peaceful and balance mind, supporting all regardless of one’s religion.

The group meets Wednesdays from 7:30 – 9:00 PM.

There is no charge. We would appreciate your donation for time and space, between $5 and $15 is suggested. We would rather you be here than not. If funds are low, your presence is enough.