“I want to let people know there are alternatives to modern medicine that do not include the use of pain medicine as the fix all. I was incapacitated by severe back pain that literally brought me to my knees. Prasad performed zero balancing and Acupuncture and I was able to walk comfortably from his office and drive home.” Lynette Morris 


“Prasad is a true healer with a gentle compassionate “bedside manor.” He takes the time to get a good feel for your needs, and gently but pointedly works to shift you in the direction of balance and harmony. I feel a complete shift in the direction of my well-being.” Sarah Deatherage


Prasad I am feeling much better after getting acupuncture from you! You are awesome and spend quality time with your clients unlike a lot of other practitioners.”  Denine Brosius


“After several years coping with chronic pain, a friend recommended I try acupuncture with Prasad. I wasn’t sure that he was the right match for me because his approach is different from other acupuncturists I had worked with in the past. Fortunately, for me, his style and technique is superior.”


“I believe the description of services on the website does not fully convey the tenderness of care I receive during a treatment session. While Prasad has a straightforward communication style, he listens deeply and observes my verbal and non-verbal cues for insight on my healing needs. I started to feel better before the end of the first session.”


“He (Prasad Hutter) has not only helped me improve my physical symptoms, but also to release emotional armoring I carried in my body from past traumas. My chronic pain is reduced, and I feel a genuine sense of healing, not just superficial relief from symptoms.”


“I like that he “Prasad” places only a few key acupuncture filaments, which is unlike the providers I had tried that require clients to fully undress before placing ten or more filaments. With Prasad, a few precise acupuncture filaments create an energizing treatment session with deep relaxation.”


“Thank you for all of your help. Your kindness and understanding has helped me as much as your acupuncture needles. The pain I had for years is gone. I feel better than I can remember. I’m confident in you.”


“Having acupuncture with you on a regular basis has helped me eliminate so much stress. I feel relaxed, more focused, get less headaches and my sleep is deeper. I have more energy than I’ve had in years. I have come to see the value of the health maintenance benefits as well as dealing with illness.”