Acupuncture, Alternative Medicine, Headaches and Stress


When someone has a headache of any variety, on the the mild side they may experience a feeling tension and stress. On the severe side, they may suffer extreme pain, fatigue, nausea, blurred vision, and over sensitivity, among other unpleasant feelings. Acupuncture will relieve these symptoms.

In addition to relieving the symptoms that come with a headache, acupuncture treatment gets to the root cause of these symptoms preventing further discomfort and overall wellness. One of the root causes of headaches is often stress.

When our energy is balanced, flowing, and abundant all of life feels good. We have a direction, warmth, joy, friends, positive relationships, and a sense of inner peace and integration. We will easily feel inspired and capable of handling whatever happens during the day and throughout the year. Balanced energy is necessary for a Balanced Mind and Bodily Wellness. A reduction in stress leads to a better balance of energy.

Acupuncture promotes wellness in these areas. To learn more, call us at (865) 300-8125.