Acupuncture Grief and Attachment


Acupuncture and Grief … Acupuncture and a small amount of Meditation and Awareness help release feelings of grief and attachment.

From Lesa Roberts Packett —

The loss of a spouse is something understood only by those who have experienced it. First, you are hit by the physical loss of the person not being there, and you are consumed by the horror and trauma of the last few moments, of the┬álast few days….by the worry and suffering of the last few weeks. Then your mind goes back to the last few years, and it seems like a vast wasteland where you felt almost nothing….no intense anything….and your mind goes to feelings of anger and resentment over those wasted years. Life is short, as a friend tells me almost daily, and you can’t help but feel the loss of those years. Then finally you are able to get past that, and you can finally start to remember the early years of your relationship….when you were teenagers and essentially grew up together, and you remember the unbridled joy of those days, and you are hit by another wave of loss again, and also intense wishes for those days to return again. But I have been learning some lessons….such as don’t let your attachment to past times impede your ability to be happy in today…so you try to let go, and you try to move forward with your life…and as you take a risk, sometimes you feel a foreboding of possibly feeling that intense loss again, and you think, would it be better to live out your days alone as some friends have chosen to do rather than risk it? Then I remember another lesson learned, don’t let worry about tomorrow impede your ability to be happy today. Taking a deep breath and thinking, this has been an intense rollercoaster last three years.

Thank you — Prasad Hutter for helping me learn those lessons.