Acupuncture, Back Pain, Stress.


Acupuncture relieves, back pain, stress and the emotional ups and downs we have in life.  How does this happen?

When the energy, (energy and “QI” are synonyms) flows easily in the body, our energy and our physical body come into balance.  Pain and discomfort are relieved.  The muscles relax.  Blood flow improves.  Nutrients are delivered.  Wastes are removed.  Conversely, when we are tense, uptight, stressed for this reason or that the opposite occurs.  What starts as a small discomfort intensifies until we have a constant ache.  When we try to avoid the ache, this creates even more imbalance because we tense up against the pain, against the discomfort.  In essence our avoidance creates more pain, even though temporarily we might feel less. There is a tendency to believe if we get one more possession, one more facial, one more temporary feel good experience, watch one more movie, have a drink, etc etc  that this will solve the problem.

By the time, a disc bulges, or becomes herniated or we pull a muscle, we erroneously believe the problem is JUST physical.  Why? Because we did not pay enough attention to what we were feeling when the discomfort was small. So now, we pay a larger price now.

Acupuncture alleviates the energetic imbalance.  This is a great start in self care and healing.  Adopting a healthy life style, learning about the movement of energy in your body, what promotes feelings of relaxation and wellness, adopting this in your daily life is the permanent solution.

In my practice, I have a program where people who see me 2 times a week for 3 weeks in a row get better.  I have a 98% success rate with people who make this commitment, over the last 15 years.  Not all people need to come this frequently in the beginning.  Those that do and adopt a healthier lifestyle get better.

Your health is priceless.  You spend your money on this and that.  You spend money to maintain your automobile and home.  Do you not think that your body is worth this expense.  The value is enormous.