“Lama & Prasad”

“Lama & Prasad” is a training that primarily uses the principles of Meditation, Zero Balancing and secondarily, Reiki, Acupuncture and Yoga to enhance consciousness, and the flow of energy.

At a basic level the practitioner gains some training in Meditation and the principles of Zero Balancing to enhance one’s practice of skillfully touching another. This training is excellent for any professional who has a license including but not limited to Doctors, Nurses, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists and Acupuncturists. This is also a good introduction to the skilled use of  touch and meditation for the non professional.

Please read the sections on Meditation and Zero Balancing for more information about these techniques. Mediation enhances ones Awareness and sensitivity. The principles of Zero Balancing promote the release of energetic blocks through the skilled use of touch. Both the recipient and the practitioner will have a greater sense of well being.

Dates for training will be coming soon. CEU’s will be available. Please send us an email if you are interested and we will let you know when trainings are scheduled.