Yoga, as generally practiced in the United States and Europe, are various different styles of doing asanas, better known as yoga postures. Same postures but with different approaches and different ways of entering them.

The focus at this center is to use the sensations one experiences in the postures as a support for your Awareness,  i.e. for your mind. Practicing in this manner, allows for both the benefits of practicing of Yoga postures while at the same time stabilizing your Calm Abiding Meditation. (Please refer to the Meditation and Awareness section.)

Our approach is traditional. Yoga postures were originally taught as part of a comprehensive practice so one could sit easily in meditation. Yoga postures strengthen and bring flexibility to the body, as well as developing balance, focus and clearing the energy channels.

The style practiced here is more along the lines of Yin Yoga and Kripalu Yoga.

There are no regular classes scheduled at this time.  Private classes are available.  The fee is $120- for 1 ¼  hour session.


YOGA TEACHER TRAINING – The 5 Element School of Yoga.

This is a 7 to 8 month program that meets one weekend per month. It is fully certified as the Basic 200 Hour Training by the National Yoga Alliance. You will be certified by the National Yoga Alliance upon completion. The next training begins on July 7th, 2012. Please call for more info. The cost is $2,200.