Achieve Optimum Health with Acupuncture


Our goal here at the Acupuncture & Awareness Center of Knoxville is to help people achieve optimum levels of health – physically, mentally, energetically and emotionally – as all are related. What is most important is that you feel better after each visit. There is no pain placing the acupuncture filaments and some people begin to feel significant improvements after only 3 treatments; most everyone after 5 to 6 visits.

Acupuncture needles, known as filaments, are no wider than a strand of hair. They are sterile, disposable and used only once. When a filament is placed, you may feel moving energy, tingling, mental clarity, great calmness or nothing at all. Patients have shared their experiences here. Acupuncture treatments can be effective when facing any of these common or uncommon ailments: