Receiving acupuncture on a regular basis promotes peak performance. Whether you are a passionate biker, hiker, tennis player, weight lifter, runner, or play any team sport; acupuncture will help you  You will feel and perform better whether you are a professional athlete or recreate passionately. Recovery time will improve.  Nagging injuries will heal faster.  When…(Read More)

Acupuncture and Fertility


When one’s energy is balanced, at a high level, vibrant and flowing well, according to the Laws of Nature, conception is far more likely and possible.  Acupuncture promotes this. Please call our office office for more information or to make an appointment…(Read More)

Acupuncture balances the energy in the body.  The feeling is like floating in a calm harbor after being tossed around in a turbulent ocean.  Feelings of stress disappear.  When your energy is relaxed and balanced, there is more available for growth, healing and for the immune system…(Read More)

Unfortunately, for the uninformed, many people, especially in Tennessee, are allowed to practice acupuncture, without the full training that a Fully Licensed Acupuncturist receives. Chiropractors, MDs and PTs can take an abbreviated 40 hour training  and their Licensing Board allows needle insertion.  This would be like me taking a 40 hour course in Western Medicine…(Read More)

Acupuncture helps maximize performance in athletics, on the job and to feel at home with yourself.  How?  Acupuncture is deeply relaxing.  This happens because when the energy in your body is balanced, you feel relaxed.  Instead of feeling stressed and tense, that energy is now available for you to use on the job and for…(Read More)

Frequently people, new and ongoing clients and the general public, ask me, “Is it acupuncture that is making the difference in my feeling better or the small changes in Life Style that you have helped me with?”  Acupuncture generates a deep feeling of relaxation.  In a relaxed state it is easier to make choices and…(Read More)

Acupuncture and Grief … Acupuncture and a small amount of Meditation and Awareness help release feelings of grief and attachment.From Lesa Roberts Packett –The loss of a spouse is something understood only by those who have experienced it. First, you are hit by the physical loss of the person not being there, and you are…(Read More)

In the wake of Robin Williams’ suicide I have been frequently asked, ” Can Acupuncture help with depression and mood swings.”  Yes — acupuncture can and does.  What acupuncture can do is raise and balance the energy flowing through your system without the use of drugs.  It is really quite simple.  Additionally, there are some…(Read More)

Autumn has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere.  Even though the temperatures are still warm, the days are noticeably shorter, the air heavier.  The light, especially around sunset has a special quality.  This time the Natural Energy, — in acupuncture we call this Source Qi or Source Energy —  turns inward, toward the Yin aspect of…(Read More)

When someone is not feeling well, it is typical from a Western Medical point of view to look to physical causes.  However, we also have an energy body.  The energy body is intimately linked to our emotions.  We emote our feelings energetically.  Most physical illnesses have links into the energy body; especially chronic conditions and…(Read More)