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Acupuncture will balance your energy. When your energy is balanced you’ll find that the emotional ups and downs you were experiencing will harmonize. You will feel more balanced, stress free, joyful and at peace.  Not only will your body relax, but you will also have more energy available to do the things you love…(Read More)

Winter is the time when energy naturally slows down. It is cold. In this environment, it is the ideal time to rest and replenish our energy and our reserves of energy. Acupuncture helps to balance the speedy pace of life, especially around the holidays so we can come into balance; feel our best. When we…(Read More)

Acupuncture balances the energy in the body.  The feeling is like floating in a calm harbor after being tossed around in a turbulent ocean.  Feelings of stress disappear.  When your energy is relaxed and balanced, there is more available for growth, healing and for the immune system…(Read More)

Frequently people, new and ongoing clients and the general public, ask me, “Is it acupuncture that is making the difference in my feeling better or the small changes in Life Style that you have helped me with?”  Acupuncture generates a deep feeling of relaxation.  In a relaxed state it is easier to make choices and…(Read More)

Acupuncture and Grief … Acupuncture and a small amount of Meditation and Awareness help release feelings of grief and attachment.From Lesa Roberts Packett –The loss of a spouse is something understood only by those who have experienced it. First, you are hit by the physical loss of the person not being there, and you are…(Read More)

Acupuncture balances the energy in the body, relieving the feelings of stress, anxiety, emotional overload, bodily pain.  Acupuncture is deeply relaxing in and of itself. Meditation gives us insight and it gives us wisdom, which is the antidote to behavior that ruins ones health. The benefits of Acupuncture together with Meditation are outstanding. Meditating is…(Read More)

When a person feels tension there is a constriction of the subtle energy body.  The channels in the energy body become overly constricted.  This is why we feel stressed out.  Eventually physical symptoms always manifest.  A good treatment of Acupuncture helps to reverse this process. You will feel so much better, rejuvenated…(Read More)